Trailer Suspension

Whenever you load something onto a trailer or drive that trailer down the road, you rely on the suspension to keep everything rolling smoothly. You need the suspension to move and absorb the shock with every surface change and bump your trailer experiences. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we have a great selection of trailer suspension kits and parts, so if you need to repair or build something in your fleet, you can find the right options in our online catalog.


What Is a Trailer Suspension?

For most trailers, the suspension consists of leaf springs that act as shock absorbers while you tow the trailer from point A to point B. These trailer springs are curved and attached to the trailer with hanger kits and U-bolts. The springs can be underslung or overslung, based on the type of trailer you have and what cargo you’re going to be hauling. If you have questions about installing new springs, our team is more than happy to help.

Each trailer suspension is also going to have hanger kits and U-bolts, as mentioned above. These parts are what are used to attach the springs to your trailer frame, keeping everything secure. Each spring, whether it’s a double-eye or slipper spring, will need the appropriate hangers and U-bolts, since using the wrong parts can result in unwanted movement and slippage. The last thing you want is for a spring to come loose or something to break off of the trailer while you’re towing it down the road.

For any trailer with a tandem or triple axle, you’re going to have a suspension for each axle. This will require equalizers that are installed between the axles, linking the springs to one another. The equalizers provide energy transfer between the axles, so there isn’t just one axle taking the brunt of a bump in the road. By having the right equalizers, you’ll have a smoother ride every time you tow your trailer.

Repairing Your Trailer Suspension

If you notice that your suspension isn’t keeping up with the regular use of your trailer, it might be time to repair or replace it. Cracked springs, missing U-bolts, and more are good indicators that repairs are needed, and it’s best to leave your trailer parked until the work can be done. Towing a trailer with a compromised suspension can be asking for trouble.

When repairing or replacing your suspension, take the time to inspect each part. Are the U-bolt tie plates still in good shape? Are the hangers still in the same position they should be? Are there any nuts or bolts missing? By taking stock of which parts need to be replaced and which parts are missing, you can order the appropriate products and get your trailer back on the road in no time.

As for the springs you’ll need, that will depend on the axle capacity of your trailer. For 2K and 3.5K axles, the suspension often requires 3- or 4-leaf springs. 5.2K and 6K axles call for 5-leaf slipper springs, and 7K, 8K, and above require 6- or 7-leaf slipper springs. The heavier the axle, the heavier the suspension, and it’s imperative to have the right parts to avoid any problems. Visit our Trailer Springs page to learn more about replacing your springs.

Trailer Suspension Kits

The benefit of shopping online with The Trailer Parts Outlet is that we make it easy to find new suspension parts. We’ve bundled everything together into convenient trailer suspension kits so that you can place one order and get all the parts you need in one shipment. You may not need all the parts for repairs, but it’s better to have them on hand and not need them, then to need them and not have them on hand.

Each kit includes the necessary suspension parts based on the type and capacity of your trailer axle. A 2K axle kit includes two 3-leaf double-eye springs, four U-bolts, two tie plates, and eight hex nuts. A heavier axle, such as a 10K axle, will need a kit with 5-leaf slipper springs, longer U-bolts, and the appropriate tie plates, nuts, and lock washers. If you’re not sure which kit is right for your trailer, contact us today and we’ll gladly provide assistance.

For any tandem- and triple-axle trailers, you’ll need to double or triple the number of springs, U-bolts, and other parts required for repairs. We’ve created kits that include the appropriate amount and size of springs, U-bolts, hangers, equalizers, and everything else you need to build or repair your trailer suspension. If your order arrives and there’s a part missing, let us know and we’ll ship it to you right away.

Trailer Hanger and U-Bolt Kits

Perhaps you already have the springs you need for your trailer, but you’re missing the proper hanger and U-bolt kits. Instead of sourcing each part individually, you can order a complete hanger kit or U-bolt kit from our online store. Each hanger kit is sized by axle capacity and comes with front hangers, rear hangers, shackle straps, and everything else you need. The U-bolt kits include the U-bolts, tie plates, and hex nuts for your preferred axle capacity. These can be ordered whenever you need to make repairs on your trailer, or you can purchase a kit and keep it on hand for spare parts in the future!

Building a New Trailer

If you have plans to build a new trailer, it’s a good idea to research the type of suspension you’ll need based on the type of trailer you’re building and how much weight you’re expecting to carry. For example, a boat trailer uses a lightweight axle (often a 2K or 3.5K axle), so you can order the appropriate suspension based on the axle capacity. A utility or lowboy trailer, on the other hand, might use a heavier axle, such as a 5.2K or 6K option, and may require a tandem-axle setup. This will mean you’ll need a heavier suspension so that you can properly carry your cargo, while minimizing wear and tear on your new trailer.

Pairing With Trusted Axle Brands

With each kit we create, we want to make sure that it provides the proper parts and accessories for any job and any trailer axle. Our trailer suspension parts are compatible with a number of trusted axle brands, including Dexter, Rockwell American, Texas Pride, and many others. As you’re working on your trailer, you can rest assured that the springs, hangers, and U-bolts in your kit can be paired with your axle for optimal fit and performance. If you need new spring seats for mounting the axle to the leaf spring, we can provide those as well.

Order Your New Trailer Suspension

At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we want every customer to have access to quality parts at great prices. When it comes to your trailer suspension, there’s no cutting corners, and whether you’re building your very first trailer, or you’re repairing one that’s served you well for years, we have you covered. Order your new kit or individual parts today, and we’ll make sure everything gets to you on time. We know that the longer a trailer is out of commission, the harder you have to work.

We look forward to helping you!