Trailer Brake Kits

There are perhaps no parts more important on your trailer than the brakes, and if you’ve noticed that they’re not responding like they should, it might be time to replace them. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we carry an extensive inventory of trailer brake kits, including both single and complete replacement kits. You can also order electric to hydraulic brake conversion kits, as well as loose brake assemblies for any of your trailers.

Are you not sure which type of brake kit you need? Our expert team can help you find the right parts, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about brake upgrades and replacements. Our goal is to help you get your trailer back on the road and keep it there for a long time. If we can, we’ll recommend the right fit for your new brakes, and you can feel confident in the parts you choose.

Single Brake Replacement Kits

If you’ve had a single trailer brake go out, but the other side seems to be fine, you might only need to replace the one brake that’s causing issues. Based on the axle capacity of your trailer axle, you can pick out a single brake replacement kit from our online store. These kits come complete with hand-picked parts, including the brake assembly, inner and outer bearings, inner and outer races, and more. You’ll also get axle grease with your kit to apply when you install your new brakes, along with four mounting nuts for installation.

Before you order your single brake kit, make sure you know which side of the trailer you’ll be working on. You don’t want to order a right-hand (passenger side) kit, when you actually need a left-hand (driver side) brake replacement. You’ll also want to consider what axle capacity your trailer is so that you can match the brakes to the appropriate weight. We carry a range of single brake kits, from 3.5K to 15K options. The parts will vary by kit, but you can count on each part being carefully selected by our knowledgeable team.

Once your new brakes are installed, you’ll want to make sure that they’re receiving the power they need from your trailer wiring. You’ll likely need to recalibrate your trailer braking controller so that the brakes are getting enough power as you drive down the road, up a hill, or down a hill. If you have questions about trailer brake controllers, we can answer those as well.

Complete Brake Replacement Kits

If you’re building a brand new trailer from the ground up, or you need to replace the brakes on both sides of an existing trailer, then a complete brake replacement kit is the way to go. These kits offer everything that our single kits do, but for both sides of any trailer in your fleet. You’ll get brake assemblies, bearings, races, mounting nuts, and everything else you need to swap out the old brakes and install new ones that should work for a long time.

These kits feature OEM-grade replacement parts, and the brake assemblies are manufactured by leading brands such as Dexter. If you’re not sure if a brake kit is compatible with your current axle setup, simply give us a call or send us a message and we’ll help however we can. We want you to have the parts you need to replace your brakes and get your trailer back into rotation, whether it’s for work or for personal use.

Instead of buying each part separately and waiting for everything to arrive, you can order one convenient kit and get all the parts you need in one shipment. We stand behind our complete brake kits, and if something isn’t in the package when it arrives, we’ll make sure you have the right parts as soon as possible. If you have questions about measuring your brakes for the appropriate parts, we can help with that as well.

Electric to Hydraulic Brake Conversion Kits

Electric brakes are the most common type of trailer brake, and you’ll find them on everything from a boat trailer to a utility trailer. The brakes are activated when you step on the brake pedal of the towing vehicle, sending the electric signal to the brake controller, which in turn activates the trailer brakes. However, if you want to convert your electric trailer brakes to hydraulic brakes, you can find the perfect options in our inventory.

Hydraulic brakes, also known as “surge” brakes, work through the use of force or momentum when the brakes in the towing vehicle are applied. When you apply the brakes and begin to slow down, force is applied to a hydraulic cylinder that’s attached to the trailer hitch. This cylinder then applies pressure to the trailer brakes, causing the trailer to slow down as well. Depending on how quickly you apply the brakes in the tow vehicle, the quicker the pressure will be applied to your trailer brakes.

For those who want to swap out their electric brakes for a hydraulic system, you can order a complete kit from our online store. We carry hydraulic brake conversion kits for trailer axles ranging from 3.5K to 8K capacities, and we can recommend the best option based on your needs. Each kit comes with brake assemblies, bearings, races, and more, including the electric/hydraulic drum brake actuator and a hydraulic brake line kit. It’s important that these parts are installed correctly so that your trailer slows down when you press the brake pedal in your tow vehicle. If you’d like to know more about hydraulic brake installation and calibration, we’re always happy to help.

Loose Trailer Brake Assemblies

Perhaps you have all the bearings, nuts, and everything else you need to replace your trailer brakes, except for the brake assembly itself. At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we carry loose brake assemblies in various capacities, which means you can order the ones you need without purchasing an entire kit. We have both left- and right-hand brakes, so you can swap out the ones you need to on the trailers you want to get back on the road. You can also order spare brake assemblies to keep on hand if and when a trailer brake goes out or has worn down beyond repair.

Our catalog has both single and paired brake assemblies, so whether you need to replace one or both brakes on your trailer, we have you covered. You can swap out your old brakes in no time and have confidence every time you drive down the road.

Quality Parts at Great Prices

Our goal is simple — to help every customer find quality trailer brake parts at great prices. Whether it’s a single brake kit, a complete brake kit, an electric to hydraulic conversion kit, or a loose brake assembly, you can count on The Trailer Parts Outlet to offer exceptional parts at prices that fit your budget. We know that you don’t want to break the bank repairing a trailer, and we’re here to help you find the parts and kits that work for you. If anything arrives missing or damaged, please contact us right away. We offer quick and secure shipping, and you can learn more about our return and exchanges policy online.

Find the brake kits you need to keep your trailers running for years to come!