Trailer Axle Kits - Everything You Need to Replace Your Axle

Trailer Axle Kits - Everything You Need to Replace Your Axle

Why are you procrastinating on replacing your axle? Is it because you dread buying all the parts, then dealing with replacements, returns, or mismatches? Guess what. You can skip all of that hassle and get right to work. 

The Trailer Parts Outlet offers you kits that give you everything you need to replace your axle in one place. 

No matter what capacity trailer you’re hauling, we’ve got the axle kits you need to keep rolling.

Build Your Own Idler Axle Kit with The Trailer Parts Outlet

An idler hub has no provisions for trailer brakes. If you have this kind of axle, we have the idler trailer axle kits for you. We offer kits in 2k capacity, 3.5k, 6k, and 7k. You’ll get everything you need to replace your axle all in one place, which saves you time and effort in the preparation phase and lets you get to work on your trailer sooner. 

Get A Full Brake Axle Kit from The Trailer Parts Outlet

Brake axle kits have electric, hydraulic drum, or disc brakes, unlike idler axles. We offer a range of different capacities on brake trailer axle kits, too. Get 2, 3.5k, 6k, or 7k. You’re probably tired of reading reviews and being unsure if the part you’re looking at has what you need. Skip that part of the process by getting everything you need all at once.

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet if You’re Unsure Which Kind of Axle Kit You Need

Really, there’s only two big questions when you’re embarking on this project. What kind of trailer axle kit do I need, and what size should it be. Don’t be shy if you don’t know! That’s what we’re here for. If you want to learn a little bit more, you can check our FAQ page to knock out some easy answers. We love trailers and we love helping people here. So fill out our contact form or give is a call and we’ll help guide you to where you need to be. 
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