Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Trailer Wheels and Tires

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Trailer Wheels and Tires

Never procrastinate if you think it might be time to replace your trailer wheels and tires. Bald or worn-out tires are more likely to skid on the road and cause crashes. They are also easier to damage, so you might get a flat leaving you stranded. Get ahead of this problem before it causes an emergency for you. 

1)Your Treads are Worn to the DOT Minimum 

Did you know the Department of Transportation has a minimum tread depth for tires? If you have a 2/32″ tread depth or less, you need to replace your tires. You risk accidents and increased accountability for those accidents if you don’t attend to this problem right away. If you’re close to the limit, choose to replace the tires. If you’re unsure if you’re close at all, place a penny in the treads. If you can see all of Abraham Lincoln, your tread is too shallow. 

2) Uneven Tread Wear 

Uneven tread wear indicates the need for alignment, proper inflation, and loading best practices. It’s caused by uneven pressure on a single tire as it rotates. You can also compare one tire’s level of wear to the other tire or tires on your trailer. Handle inflation, alignment, and replacement of your tires as needed. 

3) Cracking and Age-Related Damage

If you’ve made your tires last, that’s great. But no matter how careful you are with cleaning or storage, they will age, dry out, and get damaged. Old tires are dangerous. They are far more likely to rupture or get flats than new tires. 

4) Impact-related punctures, Bubbles, or Bulges

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. You hit a deep pothole or crush a glass bottle, and your tires get punctured, bubbled, or sprout a bulge. Sure, a patch kit might get you to the next repair station, but that’s all they are meant for. You can’t treat them as a permanent solution. Replace your tires if you get punctures, bubbles, or bulges. 

5) You Can’t Maintain Proper Inflation

Slow leaks are not emergencies, but they are often the beginning of the end. You’ll need to re-inflate your tires more and more often till eventually, you realize it’s just not worth it anymore and it’s time for a fresh tire. 

Ask The Trailer Parts Outlet if You Have Questions

The Trailer Parts Outlet is here to answer all of your questions about tires. Hey, we understand being thrifty and wanting your tires to last, but bad things happen when you push that plan too far. Be sure to fill out our contact form or give us a call if you are unsure of how to proceed. 
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