How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Trailer Axles

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Trailer Axles

No matter how often or how little you use your trailer, you need your axles in tip-top condition. This part of your trailer is too essential to let deteriorate without replacement, so let’s talk about the warning signs that it’s time to replace your trailer axle

  • You See Rust On Your Axles

  • Rusty axles are one of the first and most obvious signs of a problem. Sure, if you live somewhere wet and humid or even snowy, there is probably a little rust on the undercarriage of your trailer. However, if you’re noticing falling flakes, or hearing grinding, it’s time to replace that axle as soon as possible. 

  • Your Tires Are Wearing Out Too Quickly 

  • Bad axles make your tires work harder, so if you see a fresh set wear out too quickly, the axles might be the disease that is causing the symptom. Axle alignment can make your tires take more damage very quickly, because you’re constantly fighting against the alignment, and the twisting action increases the friction the rubber experiences. 

  • Wonky Trailer Movements

  • If your trailer isn’t handling correctly, the axles might be the reason. Your axles are part of the suspension, so if you’re losing any cargo or feeling too much resistance when driving your trailer, check on your axles. It might be time to replace them.

    Replacing Your Axles Will Save You Money

    There are so many places where you can and should save in life, but trailer axles aren’t one of them. The hazards of driving on bad axles for yourself and others rapidly exceed the cost of replacing axles. If it’s a dollar sign holding you back from getting new axles, it’s not worth it. This is not where you save. You’ll be faced with bigger, more dangerous, and more expensive problems if you try. If it’s simple procrastination, then get into action mode as quickly as possible. Your future self will be so grateful your present self did so. 

    Get Axle Help from The Trailer Parts Outlet

    Even after this guide, you might still need help figuring out when it is time to replace your axles. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts would love to help you out with that. Use our contact form or give us a call if you are experiencing any of the problems we described above. We can help you out with everything you need. 

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