Give Your Utility Trailer Longevity with this Guide

Give Your Utility Trailer Longevity with this Guide

Your utility trailer is your best friend on days it's time to haul bags of leaves or piles of junk away from your yard. You love this thing when you’re bringing ATVs to the trail or a giant BBQ to the fairground. But it needs regular maintenance to work at its best. With this checklist of regular maintenance items, you can keep one of your most useful tools running at its best. 

  • Check and Inflate the Tires

  • Your utility trailer won’t perform if the tires aren’t inflated, no matter how good the rest of the trailer is. Have a pressure gauge on hand at all times, and do a visual inspection for cracks and dried-out tires.

  • Lubricate all Moving Parts

  • Check every hinge and pivot point on your utility trailer, and lubricate regularly. Reducing friction makes these parts last longer, and prevents wear and tear. When one of these parts breaks, problems happen all at once, so checking their condition regularly is key.

  • Inspect the Brakes and Replace as Necessary

  • Your brakes save your life every time to use them! Luckily, there’s an easy way to replace every part of the brake you might need to when you get an assembly. 

    No matter what size brake you have, you can get a full assembly with every part you need in one kit. This is the easiest way to make sure that every part is fresh. If you replace just one while the others corrode, the rust can ruin the new part as well. That’s just one advantage of replacing everything at once. 

  • Clean and Inspect the Entire Trailer

  • You would be surprised how much this helps! While it is always a good idea, it is even more necessary if you store the trailer without using it for entire seasons, or any long period of time. This quality time with your trailer gives you a chance to catch small problems before they blossom into full-grown problems. You are looking for rust, burnt-out lights, faulty wiring, and damage to the trailer bed. 

  • Tighten Every Bolt on the Trailer

  • When you drive your trailer, the vibrations loosen every nut and bolt slowly but steadily over time. This can become an emergency if one gives out suddenly on the road. To counteract this constant vibration, tighten every bolt as part of your maintenance routine. This gives you a chance to inspect for shearing bolts as well. 

    Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Questions About Trailer Maintenance

    We know that trailer maintenance can be overwhelming whether you are new or experienced. After all, it requires so many judgment calls and decisions. If you have any questions about this important part of being a hauler, simply give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our friendly team of experts here at The Trailer Parts Outlet will be thrilled to help you. 

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