Be a Hero with Your Trailer this Thanksgiving

Be a Hero with Your Trailer this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that includes tons of travel and food logistics for many people. There are many ways you can be the hero with your trailer this Thanksgiving. 

  • Use a Simple Utility Trailer to Smoke Turkey

  • We love the classic meals for the holidays here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. But to be perfectly honest, there’s always room in our hearts for a little something new, a little something unexpected. This Thanksgiving, you could turn your utility trailer into the perfect turkey smoker. After all, who doesn’t love BBQ?

    Thanksgiving Day is at grandma’s house but her little gas grill won’t fit the two 15lb turkeys it takes to feed everyone? No problem! Hitch up your utility trailer and throw your BBQ smoker on there. People do it all the time for food vending gigs. People want to relax outside? Well, there’s room in there for your camp chairs, beer coolers, metal fire pit, lighter fluid, charcoal, split logs, and cookware.

    Who knows? You may love smoked BBQ turkey so much, you decide to cook it all year long. 

  • Use Your Trailer to Make a Food Donation
  • Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. And gratitude comes with giving back. Why not give those less fortunate something to be grateful about as well? Put your trailer in your yard with a sign on it asking for non-perishable food donations for the local food pantry. Once it’s as full as it's going to get, bring the goods down. This minimizes waste, and helps the community. 

  • Set up the Perfect Turkey Trot Float
  • Waters, gatorades, blankets for onlookers, sign making materials, or hand sanitizer. You’ve got it all and more with your perfect turkey trot float. Load up the trailer with everything you need, and make a little sign inviting others to take what they need. It’s a great way to support the people you know who are running, and a great thing to come back to when you’re finished the race yourself. 

  • Set up the Perfect Football Tailgate
  • Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, food, and football. The kitchen is packed! The garage is packed! The living room is packed. If only there were a place for the perfect football tailgate, whether it’s live at the stadium or just in the yard. Fill your trailer with all of your tailgate necessities and you’re ready to go. 

  • Lend a Helping Hand
  • You’re not the only one figuring out all of the details about Thanksgiving this year. Lend a helping hand whenever you can. It’s the perfect way to build positive connections within your community and build a better relationship with the people around you. Get in the spirit of the season!

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