Basic Maintenance for Your Dump Trailer

Basic Maintenance for Your Dump Trailer

Your dump trailer is a valuable tool! It’s fantastic for bringing tools to work sites, or hauling junk away from jobs. These are the easiest trailers you could possibly use for unloading big beds of gravel, sand, mulch, or any similar materials. 

However, regular maintenance is a critical part of making sure your dump trailer works well. After all, any piece of gear with multiple moving parts is going to need special attention. 

  • Check Your Hydraulic Fluid

  • Check your dump trailer’s hydraulic fluid every time you use your trailer. If you do this, your trailer will last longer and run much more smoothly. 

  • Check the Tires and Re-Inflate if Necessary

  • Your trailer will ride more smoothly and safely if your tires are inflated correctly. You’re less likely to have small accidents or shocking jolts that could cause you to lose a little cargo. Losing cargo is dangerous for you and the motorists behind you, so stay on top of this one. 

  • Lubricate All Moving Parts 

  • Sure, your utility trailer might be relatively simple, but your dump trailer has hinges and pivot points that need to be lubricated to work best. Lubrication helps prevent damage and the wear and tear that comes from ordinary use. 

  • Check the Brakes

  • Check your dump trailer’s calipers, pads, and rotors. Brakes are critical to your safety, and the safety of those around you on the road. Dump trailers are heavy, and when the bed is full, they are even heavier. That means it takes more work to slow them down or stop them. That’s why brakes need attention. 

  • Clean the Trailer and Conduct a Full Inspection

  • When you do an inspection and clean, you need to check the lights work, look for rust, and search for damage.

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