Which Trailer Bearing Kit Do You Need? We've Got Answers

Which Trailer Bearing Kit Do You Need? We've Got Answers

It’s time to replace your trailer bearings! Get everything you need all in one place so you don’t have to buy from multiple places and return incorrect parts. That sounds great, but now you’re wondering which bearing kit you need! 

We’re here to help.

For 1,000 to 2,2000lb Axles

This weight rating will have two typical bearing combinations. Depending on what spindle you have, you might need L44643 bearings or two L44649 bearings. The difference between the two kinds? About 1/16th of an inch. But that will make all the difference when you’re doing your installation, so if you have any doubts, call us for more information. 

Using Part Numbers to Figure Out Which Bearing You Need

You can check the part number on the bearing itself, or you can use calipers to take a measurement of the spindle’s diameter. Measure the part where the bearings sit. If your spindle needs L44643 bearings, it will measure .99 inches. It will measure 1.06 inches if you need L44649. You won’t be able to tell this tiny difference with a tape measure or ruler, so break out those calipers for sure. 

For 2,300 - 3,500lb Axles

With this weight capacity rance, it’s actually simpler to tell what you need using inner and outer bearing numbers. Quite often, it will be L68149 for the inner bearing and L44649 on the outer bearing. But consider this, if you have a boat trailer, you might see you need a bearing with a L68110 race, which has a larger outer diameter of 2.327 inches. The part number is stamped on the side of the race. If that’s worn out or illegible, or missing, use calipers to measure the race. 

For 4,000 - 4,400lb Axles

This size is less common! But in case you’re hauling it, let’s talk about it. The common bearing combo for this rating is L68149 and for the outer bearing it will use LM67048.

For 5,200 - 7,000lb Axles

If you have a larger axle capacity, this one is for you. These axles have 3” diameter. The outer bearing is the one to watch here. You’ll need a different size for the following: 

5,200 - 25580 inner bearing and an LM67048 outer bearing

6,000 - 25580 inner bearing and outer bearing 15123

7,000 - 25580 inner bearing and outer 14125A

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Your Bearing Questions

This was a good primer. But we know trailer bearings have so many special cases! So contact The Trailer Parts Outlet and tell us your situation and what you’re working with. After all, depending on why you’re doing the replacement (accidents, very old trailer, weather damage) special circumstances may apply. We’re ready to help with friendly, experienced advice. 

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