What's the Difference Between the Old vs. New 10k Dexter Hub?

What's the Difference Between the Old vs. New 10k Dexter Hub?

If you’re in the market for a new trailer hub by Dexter, you probably have heard talk of old style versus the new style. So how do you know which one you have? Let’s break it down!

Know Which Dexter Hub You Have

A good rule of thumb is that axles that are manufactured after May 2013 tend to be a new style, but if the axle was manufactured 1989-July 2009 it would be considered old style. One-piece hub drums that were manufactured from August 2009 to May 2013 have been discontinued by Dexter. 

What is the New Style Dexter Axle?

The New Style general duty axle and hub is often referred to as the "Pancake Style", due to the hub being thin and shorter in height than the original design. One thing that also helps spot a "New Style"  10k GD hub/drum is the drum itself. The drum is shaped almost to resemble a dome while its previous style was more boxy. 

What is the Old Style Dexter Hub?

The Old Style GD hub/drum combo has a longer hub and a box style drum, it does not curve up, the following numbers will be stamped on the drum 9-44. 

General Information That’s Good to Know

Also one thing to keep in mind is that with the 10k axles, specifically Dexter, they have 3 different styles. Don't worry it is not that difficult to tell them apart. The New style as mentioned above is a thinner shorter hub and a dome like drum. The following numbers would be stamped on the drum: 9-123. 

You may also have a 10k HD which is very rare. Majority of the time this axle has to be ordered in for the particular trailer. It has a longer hub similar to the one on the old style but has a deeper drum, this will have 9-27 stamped in the drum. 

When using the cone wheel nuts, a wheel retaining ring will need to be used. 

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