The Best Size Trailer for Car Hauling

The Best Size Trailer for Car Hauling

A trailer for car hauling needs to fit the vehicle or vehicles you plan to move. Choosing the right size trailer makes a difference, especially if you'll be using it every day or every week.

You want a safe trailer capable of transporting the vehicle or vehicles you need to move, whether from a car auction to your car lot or from your home to another location. The last thing you want to do is choose the wrong size and end up in an unsafe situation.

Whether you're moving cars for events, races, or a car dealership, you need the right size car hauling trailer. Let's look at a few options to ensure you choose the right trailer for your car hauling needs.

How Many Cars do You Need to Move at Once?

If you plan to move one car at a time, the right car hauling trailer isn't the same as if you plan to move three or four cars at once. It's critical to answer this question first before you choose the right car trailer for your needs.

In addition to knowing how many cars you will be moving, it's important to know the licensing requirements for moving cars with a specific hauling rig. If you'll be moving cars as a part of your business, you want to consider the distance you will need to drive, how much you will make for each run and the operating cost. 

What Type of Vehicle(s) will you be Moving?

The type of vehicle(s) you will be moving matters, too. Someone choosing a car hauling trailer to move an antique vehicle may want an enclosed trailer. However, if you're just moving regular vehicles, you may not want an enclosed trailer. 

It's also important to consider the weight of the vehicle(s). Transporting larger trucks will require a different type of trailer compared to moving a small car. Moving low profile sports cars is also different compared to moving vans or larger vehicles.

Before you choose the right size trailer for car hauling, make sure you know what you'll be moving.

What Type of Tow Vehicle will you be Using?

If you already own your tow vehicle, you will be limited to the abilities of this vehicle. Those without a tow vehicle yet may be limited by what they can afford. You don't want to choose a larger trailer for car hauling if you cannot safely pull it with your tow vehicle.

When considering the type of vehicles you will be moving and the car hauling trailer, you want to make sure you have or will have a vehicle capable of safely pulling the trailer, fully loaded. 

Before you choose the right size trailer for car hauling, consider your situation. Many types of trailers are available from simple car dollies to larger double-deck car trailers. 

The right trailer for you will depend on the type of vehicle(s) you plan to move and your tow vehicle. Make sure you take the time to choose the right car hauling trailer for your specific needs.

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