Tarps and Tarp Systems for Your Trailer

Tarps and Tarp Systems for Your Trailer

All trailer haulers need to protect their cargo, and tarps and tarp systems are a great way to do that. You might be carrying gravel, sand, hay bales, mulch, or anything else that needs to be secured and out of the elements before it gets to the job site. Whatever the case, you can make sure nothing is blowing out behind you when you’re driving. 
Let’s explore the right gear for the job!

Secure Your Haul with a Manual Tarp System

This manual tarp system is a great option. Use this for trailers up to 40 feet! It’s got a simple spring loaded crank system so you can wind up the tarp and fold it away when you’re not using it. Use the versatile bolt and weld assemblies on a wide range of trailers. It’s made of corrosion resistant aluminum, with heavy duty sealed bearings, it’s perfect for dump trailers, and best of all, it’s easy to install. 

Install an Electrical Tarp System on Your Trailer

Manual is great, but there is always something so satisfying about push button ease. Install this electrical tarp system as an easy way to protect and secure your haul. It works on a 12 volt battery. The tarp will cover trailers up to 26 feet long. If you use roll off trailers with multiple containers, this is a really good option. It’s made of sturdy galvanized steel to resist corrosion. 

Cover Your Trailer with a Heavy Duty Tarp

The simple things are often the most important. This mesh tarp is the perfect way to cover your trailer. It features a heavy duty mesh weave design, breathable fabric (trapping too much summer heat can be bad for some cargo), metal grommets for bolt holes, and PVC coated polyester. It’s great for rocks, sand, and gravel cargo. 

Use a US Tarp EZ Switch Relay

This US Tarp EZ Switch Relay is a reversing relay for your electric tarp system. It has a six pole terminal design and it’s hermetically sealed against destructive weather. You can replace a Trombetta relay with this thanks to the Universal design that works with a wide range of tarp manufacturers. 

US Tarp 4 Spring Lower Steel Arm and 4 Spring Pivot Pin

Use this lower steel arm with your trailer’s tarp system. It’s a convenient, durable option that’s sure to do the job. This piece slips on the 4 spring pivot pin easily if you need a compatible piece.

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Your Tarp Questions

Got questions about tarps and tarp systems? We’re here to help. Give us a note or a call anytime, and we’ll be delighted to help out. 
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