Do I Need a Spare Tire for My Trailer?

Do I Need a Spare Tire for My Trailer?

There you are, the proud owner or builder of a new utility trailer. Now you’re asking yourself if you need a spare tire, or if that’s something you can go without. One fact of life is, you’re going to get a ton of advice and it won’t always be easy to tell good from bad. Some people are kind of split on this particular topic, however. Some say you’ve got to have it. Others say it will dry rot before you ever use it. 

Let’s learn how to decide which decision is better for you.

Check out some trailer tires that make great spares, while you’re at it.

Figure Out Where You Use Your Trailer, and How Often

If you plan on using your trailer very often, you will probably be happy to have a spare tire. Especially if you take your trailer on coarse, dirt roads or other harsh terrains. If this sounds like you, grab that spare tire. 

Know Your Personality and Budget

Does an unused spare catching dry rot seem like a far lesser evil than being stranded without a spare? Then you’re better off grabbing a spare. After all, you can focus on better storage if dry rot is your concern. 

However there are cases when a spare might genuinely be superfluous. 

  1. If your tow vehicle has the same size wheels and tires as your trailer, probably a single spare for your tow and haul will suffice. 
  2. You can’t protect your seldom-used trailer and it’s spare from sun-induced dry rot, so you know the tire will be wasted.
  3. You have a trust a roadside assistance program, and are well prepared to wait it out in the elements. 

Beware the Common Causes of Flat Trailer Tires

  • Overload This should be obvious, but if you go over your weight limit, you put yourself at risk of flat tires, but also a wrecked suspension. 
  • Neglecting Tire Upkeep Don’t pinch pennies by pushing rubber. Get new, fresh tires as soon as you need them. Choose to spend on new rubber rather than being forced to spend on a tow or flat. 
  • Axle Errors Poorly installed or damaged axles can cause flat tires. If your trailer has a persistent drag to one side, makes strange noises, or fights though turns, you might need to have the axles looked at. Check out axle repair products, too. 

  • At the End of the Day, a Spare is a Good Idea

    It’s hard to make a real, solid, compelling case against not having a spare tire. There are too many hazards out there that need to be overcome. And saving yourself time and headaches is always good. By the way, if you haul out beyond cell service, and many haulers do, you absolutely must have a spare. For obvious reasons, trusting roadside assistance out where there is no service is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter how good your plan is if you can’t reach them. 

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