Build Your Own Trailer Axle with These Kits

Build Your Own Trailer Axle with These Kits

The most satisfying DIY projects yield something truly useful. Building your own trailer axle is a great way to spend a weekend! However, the frustrating part of this work is figuring out what you need. You might spend a weekend compiling your list of parts, then ordering them. Then something shows up, and it’s incompatible with other parts you ordered. You wanted to do something hands on, but now you’re just on hold, typing into chat boxes, flipping through receipts, and arguing about refund and return policies. 
There is a better way! Get a complete trailer axle kit from The Trailer Parts Outlet. We have everything you need all in one place. 


Build Your Own Idler Trailer Axle with a Complete Kit

Get a complete kit for your idler trailer axle here. It has hand picked parts because we wanted to make sure you have everything you need to build your idler trailer kit. It has OEM grade replacement axle components. Kits make swapping out old parts for new parts as easy as possible! 

Complete Electric Brake Axle Kits for Your Trailer

Build an electric brake axle for your trailer using one of our complete kits. Whether you are hauling 3500, 6000, 7000 pound trailer, these kits have everything you need. We handpicked these parts for your convenience. They’re durable, reliable, and ready for you to start wrenching. 


Not Sure Which Kind of Trailer Kit You Need?

This is a common problem! If you inherited your trailer, or bought it second hand, or simply aren’t sure which kind of axle you have or need, we are here to help. We have seen it all when it comes to trailers, so don’t be shy. We can walk you through the identification and measurement process so you’ll be ready to choose the right kit for you. 

Why Build Your Own Trailer Axle?

Building your own trailer axle is fun, and it saves you money. When you buy a pre-built axle, you have to factor in labor costs for assembly. When you invest time, you don’t pay for labor. But also…building your own trailer axle is fun! You’ll be so proud when your axle is finished, and you will love the feeling of rolling down the highway confident in your gear. 


Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Questions About Axle Kits

We love helping people, and our team of experts is ready to listen to you and share their knowledge. If you’re curious to know more, be sure to visit our FAQ page, too. It’s a great place to start for common questions. Check our contact form, too. 
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