Drop Kits for Your Weekend Project

Drop Kits for Your Weekend Project

Summer weekends with perfect weather are coming up, and you know what that means! You need a weekend project you can get so excited about you won’t want to sleep in. We offer the perfect drop kits that will literally have you excited to start wrenching the second you open your eyes on Saturday morning. Just think of those gleaming new parts carefully packaged and ready for action.

Let’s take a look at a few drop kits. 

Get Drop Kits in Any Capacity You Need this May Weekend

No matter what size trailer you’re hauling, we have you covered. Get the drop kit you need, whether you tow a 3.5k trailer, a 7k trailer, or anything in between. These kits are ready and waiting for you to start wrenching this gorgeous May weekend.

What’s In Your Drop Kit Package?

We get it. You enjoy working with your hands and seeing what you have created at the end of a long day. Imagine this. It’s May 6, a Saturday. You’re pouring coffee and looking forward to slicing open the tape on that box just arrived from The Trailer Parts Outlet. But what’s in there? 

You get an idler axle, four-leaf double-eye springs, U-bolt kits, and the double-eye hanger kit that will make assembling your trailer a breeze. The axles arrive fully assembled, with the spring seats welded on the bottom. Saves you time, and gets you on the road sooner. 

Advantages of Drop Kit Trailers

If you try to gather all the parts you need from multiple different vendors, it might work for you, but you might find you have a big pile of incompatible parts and a bunch of things that need to be replaced or returned. Save yourself time. Save yourself time typing on chatbots or listening to hold music. Get everything you need all in one place and get to work! Garage beers await when you’re done. 

Learn More About These Drop Kits

We have an FAQ page if you want some simple starter questions answered. We also have a friendly team of experts standing by to help you out. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. We look forward to chatting with you about your new drop kit! You’re all set for a great weekend that will leave a new drop kit standing ready and waiting in your driveway.

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