RV Haulers Can Look Forward to This New Heater

RV Haulers Can Look Forward to This New Heater

Life on the road just got a little better for some RV haulers. Get ready for a new class of hot shower on the road. 

Aqua-Hot, a brand of Airxcel®, introduces the Aqua-Hot Gen 1 Compact Forced Air Heating and Water System. The system was revealed on Dec. 7 in Elkhart Indiana.

This Gen 1 appliance is meant to save space while offering 10liters of hot water to in recreational vehicles. Basically, the way it works is that air flows to the vehicle's inner spaces via four air outlets. Then it is efficiently distributed to ensure a comfortable climate. You can get the Gen 1 in diesel, gasoline or propane. It’s meant specifically for recreational vehicles. It makes use of RV-C Open Source intelligence which means it is easy to integrate the unit’s controls into the RV’s general control panel. 

“The introduction of the Gen 1 marks the entry into a new market for Aqua-Hot. It can be installed on most types of RVs including styles of Class C motorhomes, Class B camper vans, travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers, and other comparable sized vehicles,” said Mark Davis, business unit manager for Aqua-Hot. 

“Gen 1 builds upon Aqua-Hot’s legacy as a trusted partner for luxury comfort heating systems. These units are competitively priced with other similar products on the market and are designed for easy integration into a new RV or to replace an existing system.”

More Questions about Heaters and RVs?

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