New Gasoline Replacement Fuel Tank System from Transfer Flow

New Gasoline Replacement Fuel Tank System from Transfer Flow

A first-in-the-nation high-capacity replacement fuel tank has been introduced by Transfer Flow. This tank is for the 2020 to 22 For F-250 and F-350 Super Duty short bed, crew cab pickups with 6.2L and 7.3L engine. The 58-gallon fuel tank system has been thoroughly tested for emissions, and the California Air Resources board has granted it an Executive Order.

Benefits of the Bigger Fuel Tank

You get more driving range when you have a bigger tank, obviously. This saves you money because you get to skip an expensive gas station for a cheaper one. You get to go where you’re headed faster when you don’t pull off for gas as often. It also turns out that fewer refuelings leads to fewer emissions. Great to have a more environmentally friendly choice for customers who drive gas vehicles. 

More About The Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is made from a 12-gauge aluminized steel because it resists corrosion, and it’s durable. The external fuel lines are a well-engineered evaporative emission system. This tank is built with inner baffles that reduce the amount the fuel sloshes around for a more stable, secure ride. 

Installing the Fuel Tank

With a complete installation kit, straps, and mounting hardware, this fuel tank is ready to haul pretty soon. Best of all, it comes with a 6-year warranty, no matter how many miles you put on it.

More Questions About Fuel Tanks? Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet

Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we love trailers and we love helping people. If you have questions about emissions, fuel tanks, or ways to haul farther while refueling less often, we have answers. A new, larger fuel tank is just the start of a more efficient haul. Learn how replacement parts, regular maintenance, and far more can maximize the quality of your haul. 

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