Design Modifications to Felling’s “Gravity” Tilt Trailer

Design Modifications to Felling’s “Gravity” Tilt Trailer

Own a “Gravity” Tilt Trailer by Felling? Planning on an update? 

It might be helpful to know about some coming design modifications to this popular trailer model. The new modifications are intended to make the trailer safer and easier to use for the operator. 

If you don’t already know, Pan Tilts basically use gravity and a center pivot point to tilt and thus unload the trailer bed. The engineering team was checking over the design and looking for ways to improve it. The team modified the trailer’s locking mechanism, lighting, plate mount, and other small aspects. 

Modifications to the Tilt Mount

When it comes to making things easier for the operator, the improvements to the tilt mechanism is the most important one. 

Basically, the original design had a part you purchased. It needed multiple latches and modifications based on the selected features of the trailer build like power up or down, placement of a toolbox. 

 "The goal was not to have a longer hitch length if they (the end-user) optioned cylinders (power up/down) or an extra latch for a toolbox, making the base design more modular, streamlining the manufacturing process,” said Felling Trailers’ Engineering Team Lead, Cathy Voge.

The new mechanism is on the front roadside of the trailer. It has a lever that releases a lock bar found under the front deck frame. 

This locking system is sourced internally, which means it fits better and performs better. The new design had a focus on efficiency. They wanted something with fewer weld components. Separate from the simplicity and easier, safer use of the tilt, there have been improvements in the overall wiring of these trailers as well. 

Questions About New Developments in the World of Trailers? 

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