Basic Maintenance for a Tow Behind Trailer

Basic Maintenance for a Tow Behind Trailer

No matter what vehicle you drive, tow-behind trailers are useful because they dramatically expand the cargo you can bring from point A to point B. 

Of course, they require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to function at their best. 

Let’s do a basic rundown of the maintenance points to watch for when you’re hauling a trailer. 

  1. Hitch

The hitch connects the trailer to the tow vehicle. These parts are durable, but years of use can wear them out, so make sure your hitch is well-lubricated and free of excessive warping or damage. Hitches do see a lot of friction, and they have a very important job, so be attentive to their condition.

2. Axles

Axles support the weight of the trailer, and the cargo you are hauling. Check the alignment and general condition of these regularly, and wash them well if you drove over a salty winter road. Road salt eats axles alive if you’re not careful. If you notice your trailer isn’t riding as smoothly as it once did, that might be a sign that your axles need attention. 


Where the rubber meets the road! Make sure the pressure on your tires is correct regularly. Check for balding treads, cracks, and excessively dry rubber

4. Brakes

Brakes save your life every time you use them, so treat them well. Make sure the calipers, brake pads calipers, and rotors are all in good working order. 

 5. Lights 

Lights keep your trailer and tow vehicle safe, especially when you’re driving at night. Check for burnt out bulbs, damaged fixtures, or faulty wiring.

Contact the Trailer Parts Outlet if You Have Any Questions About Tow-Behind Maintenance

We know our trailers, and we’re here to help. We know that trailer maintenance is a complex ongoing game, but call us or use our contact form if you have any questions. 

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