Winterizing Your Boat Trailer with The Trailer Parts Outlet

Winterizing Your Boat Trailer with The Trailer Parts Outlet

Snow is falling. Days are shortening. Christmas lights are glowing. And it’s time to winterize your boat trailer. Much as you love this piece of gear, it’s a piece of summer gear. So let’s do right by it and make sure we put it to bed correctly so that it will serve you for years to come. 

So prepare your trailer now! Replace any damaged parts so you can have a smooth launch when things heat up.

  • Correct Any Small Problems Well Before Winter Storage
  • Cold and wet are tough on your trailer. That small patch of rust? Add months of snow and ice, and it will be a giant patch. That little warped part? Flexion from freezing temperatures and sunshine could contort it beyond repair. That flickering light? Now’s the time to get to the root of any electrical problems. 

  • Check All High-Use Parts First
  • Any experienced trailer hauler will tell you there are parts that take more of a beating than others. The parts that get a ton of wear and tear are…

    Check for damage and wear and tear in all of these areas. It’s worth coating them from rust with a protective spray of WD-40, too. This helps keep moisture out. This is critical around moving parts that need low friction to prevent damage. As we mentioned before, little problems now will be big problems by the time winter thaws out.

    Tires & Assembly Need to Be Ready for Winter





    Slow leaks will be fast leaks by the time winter is up. Issues like this are easy to find by checking your tire’s air pressure, and just doing a visual check for bulging at the bottom of the tire. You might want to do a patch, or just make a note to replace them before boating season.

    The tire assembly needs a check in, too. Spin the tires. Do you hear any grating or other noises you shouldn’t hear? Is there too much resistance? Oil & grease where needed if so, and check in to make sure your bearings are in good shape, too. 

    Lights & Wiring

    Rust and moisture can be a killer on lights and wiring. Check all of your electrical components yourself if you’re comfortable doing so, if not, consider hiring a professional to do so. What you’re looking to do here is take the connectors apart and dry them thoroughly before storage. Connectors should be dried, electrical greased, and capped up. Put the battery somewhere safe & secure, too. 

    Trailer Nuts & Bolts Need a Thorough Rust Check for Winter

    Your trailer has been bouncing, jostling, and generally rumbling and bumping along. The nuts and bolts could have rattled loose, or rusted out. Check for any loose, missing, or rusty nuts and bolts. 

    Ask The Trailer Parts Outlet About Winterizing your Trailer

    We want to see you win the world of trailer hauling here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. We have helped tons of people winterize their boat trailers, and we are thrilled to do the same for you. Write us, call us, and our team of friendly experts will be happy to share what they know. 


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