Why Your Sales Suck and What You Are Doing Wrong!

Why Your Sales Suck and What You Are Doing Wrong!

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Join Juan for another episode of full send, diving into the subject of rejection and closing the sale! Make sure to check out our other podcasts!

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Bonus Closing Tips:

Closing Sales Tip #1: Stop being like others.It may sound obvious, but most salespeople out there are doing some version of the same thing. They get in front of a prospect, get excited, and pitch whatever they can.

Closing Sales Tip #2: Take risks with prospects.One of the best ways to separate yourself from other salespeople is to take risks with prospects.

Closing Sales Tip #3: Get them talking.Some powerful data has recently surfaced that shows the more a prospect is talking during the discovery conversation, the more likely the salesperson is to end up closing sales.

Closing Sales Tip #4: Shut up.I don’t mean to be rude, but the data doesn’t lie. The less salespeople talk, the better their chances of closing sales.

Closing Sales Tip #5: Nobody cares about your company.New data shows that when salespeople talk about their company for too long, it’s highly correlative with negative outcomes in selling.

Closing Sales Tip #6: Quit pitching.Pitching is a strategy that’s been around forever in sales. It literally goes back to the National Cash Register, when they developed their sales training philosophy in 1887.

Closing Sales Tip #7: Dig into challenges.You want to really understand the key challenges that your prospects are facing. Be sure to share below in the comments section below to get involved in the conversation.

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