What Size Trailer is Best for Hauling Cars?

What Size Trailer is Best for Hauling Cars?

When you need to haul a vehicle, you need to choose the right size trailer. Obviously you’re not going to try to bring your vintage Cadillac to the car show on your old landscaping trailer. A properly sized vehicle hauling trailer is always the safest option. You don’t want the precious cargo of a beloved vehicle to be damaged, and even more importantly, you don’t want to be injured in an accident. And you don’t want anything bad to happen to your fellow motorists, either. 

So let’s talk about care and sizing for vehicle hauling trailers.

How Many Cars are You Trying to Haul?

Just one? Two cars? A car and two motorcycles? Or even a trailer for a tiny home? These questions will be critical when you are trying to decide which trailer to get. But beyond simple logistical questions, you need to be in the know about laws in your area about licensing requirements and standards for securing the rig. If you move cars as a business, consider wear and tear on your vehicle, as well as weight and distance. That’s part of knowing your operating expenses. Sometimes, a more expensive trailer can actually bring down a businesses operating expenses long term if it prevents damage to the goods. 

Get an Enclosed Trailer for Antique Vehicles

This one truly depends on your use case. If you’re bringing your jeep to the swamp, an open trailer might do the trick. Similarly, if you only haul vehicles that are on their way to the scrapper, your first emphasis needs to be on securing the vehicle, but you’re past the point of really needing to protect it. 

So don’t grab an enclosed trailer as a knee jerk reaction. Carefully consider how and why you haul vehicles. 

Plan for Your Tow Vehicle

If you are already settled on one tow vehicle and you know its capabilities, you need to plan for a vehicle hauling trailer within that weight range. If you are procuring a tow vehicle, plan for the weight of your trailer along with the weight of your cargo. Don’t waste your time getting a giant trailer that’s too big for you to haul. 

Get Your Trailer Right with Help From Us

We’re no strangers to hauling vehicles by trailer here at TheTrailer Parts Outlet. We’re no strangers to advising other haulers either. We’re only a phone call or dm away. Check us out, browse our shop, and happy hauling! 

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