Understanding Tire Offsets with The Trailer Parts Outlet

Understanding Tire Offsets with The Trailer Parts Outlet


Knowing about tire offsets will help you buy exactly what your trailer needs. Let’s take a look at how to understand tire offsets, followed by a few tires you may find interesting. 

What is a wheel offset?

In simple terms, wheel offset is just the distance between the hub-mounting surface on the wheel and the center plane. 

Positive offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the outer side of the wheel. 

Negative offset means the hub-mounting surface is closer to the inboard side

Zero offset means the hub-mounting surface is directly centered

How do I Know Which Wheel Offset I Have?

Take a look at this diagram and use it to identify the configuration on your own trailer.

Let’s Look at Some Tire Options

Tires are not the place to skimp on quality. They are too essential to the performance of your vehicle. That means you want to go for the best and replace them as soon as necessary. Goodride Tires are some of the top selling in North America for a good reason. They’re well known for their quality, dependability, and durability.  

Radial Trail Tire & Wheel

This radial steel belted construction is a tire meant for use on medium duty highway and off-road use trailers. This is perfect for lowboys, utility trailers, flat beds, hay haulers, dump trailers, car haulers, and more. 

Continental Trailer Tire & Cruiser Aluminum Wheel

Two-layer tread construction in this continental trailer & tire aluminum wheel brings together high mileage performance in the cap compounding with significant rolling resistance improvements in the base compound. Thanks to a narrowed groove width, you get improved wear resistance to guarantee high mileage performance. You get enhanced water displacement and improved wet performance thanks to pocket sipe technology.

Visit Our FAQ Page for More Information

If you want to read more about trailer tires and all manner of questions and answers about trailer parts, check out our FAQ page for more information. We also post a variety of information and resources at our blog page.

The Trailer Parts Outlet is Here to Help You With Tires

The Trailer Parts Outlet is here to help you with your tires. We know that there are tons of details to consider when you are shopping for tires, and few things are more frustrating than losing time and money to getting the wrong thing the first time. Call or write us with any of your questions about tires or tire offsetting. We’ve seen it all when it comes to trailer parts and we’re here for you!

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