Typical Trailer Repairs to Know About

Typical Trailer Repairs to Know About

Trailer repairs are a key part of the life of any hauler. You owe them to yourself and your gear. And you owe them to the other motorists on the road, to be perfectly frank. A repaired and well maintained trailer is a safe trailer. 

But how do you know when it’s time for a trailer repair? Not knowing the signs is a common setback that new trailer haulers wrestle with. Let’s learn what we need to watch and listen for. 

What to Watch for When Determining if Your Trailer Needs Repairs

When you’re driving a trailer that needs repairs, you’re in danger, as are your fellow roadsters. So pay attention to these indications. 

The Trailer is Difficult to Stop

The braking system is working too hard and needs repairs. You’ll hear air leaks, or feel grinding and pulsing. All brake concerns must be taken seriously and dealt with immediately. Now, difficult stops might be a sign of a bent axle, too. That will call for a replacement axle. Consult experts if you don’t know which one you’re dealing with. 

Dim, Flickering, or Dead Lights

These are easy to see, but only from outside the driver’s cab. You’ll need to grab someone you trust to tell you what’s lighting up and what isn’t from outside the cab. It should not take too long to do this. If it’s not something easy like a burnt out bulb, it’s something more difficult like a detached or worn out wire. 

Tire Problems 

Replace tires as soon as you find it necessary. Don’t stretch the budget by using old tires. This one you will feel when you drive it. It might pull to one side. You might even see cracks, bulges, or bald spots in tires. Replace them as soon as you experience any of this. It’s the safest thing to do. 

Other Common Trailer Problems to Know About & Deal With

You might have to handle…

  • Replacing hubs
  • Dealing with bent axles
  • Repacking bearings
  • Electrical equipment repair

Get Expert Help if Needed

Nobody on earth is an expert on everything. Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we are more than happy to help anybody who needs it with trailer parts replacement, and repair. Call us or write us anytime. 

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