Trailer Plans for Special Jobs | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Trailer Plans for Special Jobs | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Sometimes you need a special trailer for a special job. And sometimes, you want to build that highly specialized tow yourself. The Trailer Parts Outlet offers you a wide range of field-tested blueprints that will let you build the trailer you need for your job.


When we say, “field-tested” we mean we have assembled the intended final product of each blueprint. We know these plans are easy to follow, and yield a product that gets the job done. 

We take pride in offering you the nation’s ONLY engineer-approved and stamped blueprints and trailer plans. Each plan has a detailed full cut list, and a bill of materials. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting options. 

  • Engineer-Approved Blueprint for Double Gate ATV Trailer

  • ATV riders understand the need for this double gate ATV trailer blueprint. It just makes the load on and off so much easier. Many ATV riders are hands-on types. They just want a clear battle plan, and they will take the rest from there. This plan does the job. 

  • Dump Trailer Plans from The Trailer Parts Outlet
  • Dump trailers just make certain jobs easier. Who wants to stand in a trailer bed and shovel gravel into a big pile one scoop at a time? If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of a task like this, you’ve probably yearned for a dump trailer. You can always build the perfect dump trailer for you with these plans from The Trailer Parts Outlet. They have the same easy-to-follow, totally thorough, engineer approved and field tested guarantee of quality as all of our other blueprints and plans.

  • Enclosed Cargo & Tiny House Trailer Designs
  • The tinier the house, the more important the design. We’ve all seen brilliant layouts that create the illusion of space even in heavily confined square footage. Conversely, we’ve all seen bad layouts that turn all the space in the world into a place where nobody has elbow room. Get your tiny house or enclosed cargo trailer design right with help from The Trailer Parts Outlet. These engineer approved enclosed cargo and tiny house trailer designs have been tested for success and are guaranteed to please. 

  • Assorted Specialty Trailer Plans

  • What do you use your trailer for? If you love a good pit BBQ, check our plans for smokers. It’s best not to improvise when you’re dealing with food safety and fire hazards, particularly if you’re planning on turning your famous brisket into a small business. 

  • Horse Trailers

  • If you’re the equestrian type, check out our plans for horse haulers. This tandem horse DIY trailer blueprint will build a safe, sturdy, and secure trailer for your beautiful animals. 

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    Let us help you with your specialty trailer needs. Write or call our customer service team at any time. Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we love helping people. 

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