The Importance of Sipes on Trailer Tires

The Importance of Sipes on Trailer Tires

Every component of a trailer has many small details you may not have considered. Let’s learn about sipes, a small but extremely important aspect of your trailer’s tires

What are Sipes on Trailer Tires?

A sipe is a small thing with a big job. You might have never noticed them. They are a series of small slits in a tire’s tread block that offer additional traction and let water away from the tire for more grip.

Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we know you guys are hauling in the rain and snow. Your sipes help you avoid hydroplaning by letting water run out the grooves instead of creating a dangerous skim surface. Whenever you’re driving in wet weather, you want more surface contact between road and tire, and nice friction for control. Sipes actually expand to take in water and remove it from the surface of the tire, then channel it away.

What Do Tire Sipes Do During Dry Weather?

When you’re in hot, dry weather, sipes actually allow extra cool air into the tire. This temperature control helps extend tire life. This design also lets you get more grip on a dry, dusty road. 

Where Do Sipes Come From?

Believe it or not, the idea dates back to shoes made in the 1920s, not tires. The design was patented by one John Sipe, an employee at a slaughterhouse who was tired of slipping on wet floors. So he cut small slits into his shoes for traction. The long journey to no-skid, no-slip shoes (and eventually tires) began!

What Should I Do if My Sipes are Worn Out?

Considering that you want

  • Better traction
  • Better tire temperature control
  • Better handling on wet surfaces…

You should totally pay attention when your sipes are worn out or bald. If you’re unsure about whether or not it is time to replace your trailer’s tires, you know what to do…

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