Springtime Check-Up on Your Trailer

Springtime Check-Up on Your Trailer

Springtime Check-Up on Your Trailer

Ah, May.

The April showers are behind us and the promised flowers are here. 

You’re doing the hard but satisfying work of spring cleaning. Your trailer needs some maintenance, too!

The Trailer Parts Outlet wants to help you prepare your trailer to thrive through spring and summer. 

Let’s get into it.

Check Up On Your Tires After Winter

Did you store your trailer all winter? Or did you haul it over salty, slushy roads? Either way, you should check your tire pressure when you see dramatic changes in temperature. If your pressure is too low, you might not have the right level of control when you drive. If they look bald or slick, replace them all together. 

Check up On Your Brakes in Spring

Your brakes are critical to your safety and that of all the motorists around you. Check up on your trailer brakes closely, and be ready, willing and able to replace the brake pads this spring if necessary. Check the lines for wear and tear. 


Test All Of Your Trailer’s Lights this Spring

Wet winter weather can rust and erode electrical lines. Test all of your trailer’s lights this spring. You don’t want to get pulled over, and you don’t want to signal a brake or turn improperly on the road. You might need new bulbs, or fresher wiring. Check that all connections are secure. 


Check Your Trailer’s Suspension in Spring

Is your trailer riding too low? That might be because the suspension wore down over winter. Test your trailer’s suspension with different loads to see how it responds to the pressure. You don’t want it buckling and sagging too much. 


Make Sure Your Coupler Is in Good Working Order this Spring

The coupler is what connects your trailer to your vehicle. If you’re couplers at all worn out or bent, you better make sure to replace it. Now that you’ve done a thorough spring time inspection on your trailer, you’re ready to hit the road! (As long as you’ve solved all issues, of course.)


Inspect Your Bearings

Spring is the time to make sure your bearings are regreased and that your grease caps are in good shape!

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet if you have any more questions about how to inspect and repair your trailer in spring time and get it ready for those summer hauls.

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