September is the PERFECT Time to Plan your Winter Hauls

September is the PERFECT Time to Plan your Winter Hauls

Ah, September. The edge is off the August heat. Maybe you’re even seeing those pops of orange and yellow in the treeline. Cold weather is coming. After that comes winter. 

If you’re really old school, you might even follow the advice, “when spring comes, start preparing for winter.” But don’t sweat being behind the 8 ball. There’s still plenty of time. If you wait too long, everyone will want the same winter gear and you might have to get in line for it! So let’s talk winter trailer prep.

September is actually the perfect month to plan your winter hauls. You don’t have to worry about snow yet. You can work outside and be comfortable. It’s often not as rainy as August. (Larger regional weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes no withstanding.) 

So let’s talk about what you’ll need to have a trailer ready for winter. 

Get Proper Chains for Your Trailer Tires

You’re going to need chains for your trailer tires to grip slippery winter roads or roll over a few feet of snow. Get durable, reliable trailer tire chains now and teach yourself how to use them now. That way you’re ready well before the snow falls. 

Make Sure You Have Extra Grease

Grease protects your metal moving parts from friction and damage from the elements. Grease keeps water (like from melting snow and ice) out. Get extra grease here from The Trailer Parts outlet. 

Prepare for Salty Roads with Corrosion-Resistant Trailer Parts

Winter means roads will be covered in salt. Salt and water together eat metal right up. Sometimes, the best way to prepare for that is by carefully choosing the materials your trailer is made out of. Use aluminum tread plates and fender backs that are corrosion-resistant. For this purpose, another great choice is stainless steel trailer parts. Not only do they resist rust well, these strong metals are lightweight. It doesn’t take quite as much horsepower to get them moving. That means you save a little on gas, too. 

Prepare for Winter Road Hazards with Powerful DeeMaxx Brakes

Slick roads and bad conditions can be hazardous. Even if you’re hauling your trailer with perfect winter technique, you might share the road with people who don’t. Save extra stopping distance, and get the best brakes you can. Like powerful DeeMaxx brakes, the preferred brakes of the US Marines for their saltwater trailers. 

Contact the Trailer Parts Outlet with Any Questions

We know that when winter is coming, responsible, prepared trailer owners will have a ton of questions. We have prepared our own trailers for winter. We have helped tons of people do the same thing. If you have any questions about getting your trailer ready for winter, give us a call. We’re happy to help you find extra grease, trailer wheel chains, Deemaxx brakes, and replacement trailer parts made of stainless steel or aluminum. 

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