Registering Your Trailer | A Trailer Parts Outlet Guide

Registering Your Trailer | A Trailer Parts Outlet Guide

Did you know you had to register your trailer the same way you register your vehicles?

We offer you a simple guide to help you stay on your A-game with your trailer paperwork. 

Requirements for Trailer Title Registration

Before you register your trailer, you need to demonstrate you own it with a simple title. A manufacturer’s statement of origin would work, too. You should have a signed application for the licensed title of the trailer alone with applicable property taxes. Pay the required registration fees, too. 

What You'll Need to Do to Register Your Trailer

  • Get it weighed at a weigh station
  • Get it inspected (requirements differ for every state)
  • Take that receipt to the courthouse and fill out the homemade trailer form (different in every state)

Learn Your Local Registration Laws

You should learn the registration laws for your local area. Many, even most states don’t make you register personal or commercial use. But note that requirements are different in each state! Your local DMV is the easiest place to find your trailer requirements. (Not that doing anything is that easy at the DMV.) If they posted it online, great. If not call, and go in and wait in line as a means of last resort. 

Gather your ID Cards to Register Your Trailer

Before you get in the car and drive to the DMV, get two forms of ID. Passport and driver’s license usually works well. Military ID works if you don’t have a passport. Your birth certificate, social security card, and other similar documents can’t hurt to bring too. 

Gather the Documents for Your Trailer Registration Process

You are going to need your bill of sale to verify ownership. This doc has make, model, year, weight and ID number, all info the DMV will ask for. Basically, you’re saving yourself a lot of time and effort by gathering the right doc ahead of time. 

You’re going to need your certificate of title on hand when you register your trailer. This basically proves that you are the owner of the trailer. If you don’t have one, ask the DMV how you can get one. You might have to ask for help if this is a recent purchase. 

Safety Inspection

The DMV does not want to register trailers that are unsafe for personal or commercial use. That means your trailer might need to undergo a safety inspection to get registered. Trailers that have been owned by multiple people or are simply old might need this especially. 

Pay all Fees

More or less speaks for itself. You’re going to need to pay fees to register your trailer. 

Keep Your Registration Current

Trailer registrations expire at different rates in different states. Know how long your trailer is registered and keep those current. Two years is common and normal for trailer registrations. 

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with Questions

We see it as our duty to help our customers in any way they need when it comes to trailers. If you have any questions about the trailer registration process, we would be more than happy to help you however we can. 

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