Is Building or Buying a Trailer More Affordable?

Is Building or Buying a Trailer More Affordable?

You need a new trailer but you don’t if you should buy or build. Let’s help you figure out which one is more affordable. Let’s talk about the budget that goes into each to help you decide. 

Check out these trailer plans and full kits if you want to get all of your materials in one place.

Consider the Cost of Buying Materials When Building a New Trailer

Many people are attracted to the idea of building their own trailer because they believe it is the cheaper option. When you consider the cost of materials, you may be right, but understand that the cost of materials fluctuates with changes in supply chain. Plus, quality tends to go hand in hand with price when it comes to building materials. Plus, the difference might not be as big as you think. Trailer factories buy materials wholesale, and you probably don’t. So you can’t quite get the same prices they might get. 

The Extra Work of Building a Utility Trailer Yourself

Time or money. Nobody but you can tell you which one is more valuable to you. If you decide to build your own trailer, you must know it will take more time. You have to gather supplies, materials, tools, maybe a couple of helping hands as well. You can certainly have a good time and make it fun, but be aware that if you need the trailer at a certain date, say, for a big trip or job, buying pre-built is a time saving option. 

Need a little help making your decision or planning for labor costs. Plan for about 10 hours of work. Multiply that by what you earn in an hour, and that’s a good guestimate for your labor cost. Obviously, count your real hours when you’re trying to figure out what the real cost of the DIY was. It won’t be 10 on the dot. 

Factor in whether or not you own the right tools, or need to buy one. Drills, welders, so on. 

Enjoy Customization By Building Your Trailer

Want cabinets for your hand tools? Want locking wall mounts for your surfboards and floor grooves for your beach bike? Want a ramp to load up your ATV and a winch in case it gets stuck? Building your own trailer lets you customize everything!

  • The trailer features
  • The trailer dimensions
  • The overall weight of the trailer

You can build exactly what fits in your storage space, whether that’s a full garage or a concrete pad on your lawn. 

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