How to Tow a Trailer on Steep Terrain

How to Tow a Trailer on Steep Terrain

Let’s face it. Trailer haulers in the flatlands of Florida don’t grapple with the same challenges as those in the Colorado Rockies. Driving a trailer is a skill that requires a little practice to do it safely. When you’re driving on steep terrain, there are specific hazards you need to plan for and mitigate. Let’s talk about those and how to drive them safely. 

For example, consider how the changing terrain affects your trailer cargo control.

Steep terrain comes in two kinds. Uphill and downhill. But jokes aside, let’s talk about how to navigate these terrains with a trailer. 

What to Do When You’re Towing Your Trailer on a Steep Downhill 

When you’re hauling down hill, shift into a lower gear. Control your speed by backing off the gas, but don’t ride the brake the whole time because the added weight of the trailer can be too much stress for your brake. When you want to slow down, brake a little bit below your desired speed, then let momentum catch you up to your target speed. Basically, this is going to be how you proceed until you’re past the downhill and in the clear. 

What to Do When Towing Your Trailer on a Steep Uphill

On steep uphills, you have the added hazard of jerking and stalling caused by a lagging engine. Control this by shifting into a lower gear, the way you did for the downhills. Also, this is easier on your gas usage and engine temperature. Accelerating uphill with a trailer can have you running hot fast. Merge into the slowest lane of traffic available. If you’re driving under 45mph, turn on your blinkers. Also, know that there are sometimes local laws about trailer usage, so go ahead and research and review those. Keep a close eye on your temperature gauge. If you overheat, pull over. 

The Trailer Parts Outlet is In Your Corner

Trust your common sense and situational awareness when hauling on steep grades of any kind. And if you need to take care of any repairs, all you need to do is call or write The Trailer Parts Outlet. 

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