How to Secure Different Types of Cargo on Your Trailer

How to Secure Different Types of Cargo on Your Trailer

Securing cargo is a key part of being a safe and helpful hauler. Whether you’re taking junk away from a construction site or bringing someone a washing machine they ordered off of Facebook Marketplace, proper securing methods make a world of difference in your haul. As a professional, you want to make sure you’re not damaging anything anybody paid for. But if you’re towing your own personal gear, you owe it to your own belongings to treat them well, too. 

So let's talk about what gear you need to secure your trailer, and basic rules of thumb to keep you hauling any cargo in peace of mind. 

Straps for Securing Large Appliances or Similar Hauls to Your Trailer

When you’re bringing a washing machine to your house or someone else’s, you need ratchet straps for your cargo. Situate the washing machine or whatever you’re hauling close towards the tongue of the trailer. Use ratchet straps to keep it flush with the front gate of the trailer. You’re doing this to ensure stability and control throughout the ride. If you place the weight somewhere else, you’ll deal with too much sway, and the trailer will be leveraged in the wrong direction too much. Don’t skimp on strap quality, either! Go with high capacity straps, 5,400 pounds is good, and heavy webbing. 

Bringing Tractors and Small Vehicles on Your Trailer with a Transport Chain

Often, trailer haulers need to bring a smaller vehicle to a knew location. It might be a golf cart, an ATV, a tractor, or something similar. One of the best pieces of gear for this is a transport chain. These chains get used to stabilize the smaller vehicle in place during its ride. This prevents damage to it and makes your haul safer. You can’t afford to have a tractor slide against your gate while you’re mid drive. 

Secure Box Cargo with Trailer Strap Corner Protectors

Sometimes, ratchet straps plus cardboard boxes can be a…crushing combination. Ratchet straps are capable of enormous pressure, and whenever you have box-shaped cargo, you can keep it in better condition with corner protectors from The Trailer Parts Outlet. As a shipper, you live and die by the condition of your cargo. Plan ahead for details like corner protectors! It’s always worth it. 

Contact The Trailer parts Outlet With More Questions About Securing Cargo

Cargo control keeps you and your fellow motorists safer. We’re always happy to answer questions about trailer hauling here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. Drop us a message or give us a call at any time. We’re happy to tell you common advice, tips and tricks, and other expert knowledge we’ve picked up over the years. There is no substitute for experience! So tell us what project you’re working on.

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