How to Plan a Saltwater Trailer Haul

How to Plan a Saltwater Trailer Haul

Hauling a trailer or piece of gear through saltwater complicates your life, but it is a common and necessary part of what many haulers do. 

For example, you might want to launch your boat at the start of the season. You might be tasked with hauling away dock parts, or bringing marine equipment back and forth from the seaside.

Unfortunately, saltwater is one of the most corrosive natural fluids on earth. It eats away at metal. It rots wiring. It rusts bolts and nuts together. It’s loaded with barnacles, bacterias, and fungi that become mold and rot. It’s beautiful, but it will damage your trailer if you’re not prepared. 

So let’s talk about how to prepare for hauling in salt water!

Saltwater Resistant Trailer Parts by The Trailer Parts Outlet

Basically, your wheel bearings and springs are going to be most vulnerable to saltwater damage. Anything that is not made out of...

  1. Aluminum
  2. Stainless steel going to be damaged and corroded by salt. Aluminum and stainless steel are pretty good at resisting the damage done by saltwater. They also are strong while being lightweight, which makes them a great option for trailers overall!

Replacing Wheel Bearings & Leaf Springs Damaged by Saltwater

The Trailer Parts Outlet offers you a selection of premium aluminum and stainless steel trailer parts, as well as replacement wheel bearing kits and leaf springs. Remember that wheel bearing grease is important for protecting your bearings and increasing their longevity.

For loading and unloading in salt water, remember that an aluminum ramp can hold up well.

Find Aluminum & Stainless Steel Trailer Parts for Saltwater Hauling

Choose aluminum for your fenders as well. If you need any help finding the right fender for your trailer. 

We mentioned stainless steel, too. One of the most important parts on your entire trailer is your brake pads. But you knew that already. Grab stainless steel brake pads for salt water trailer hauling. Keep in mind, these are DeeMaxx brakes, the number one braking system for the marines and military. The US military uses DeeMaxx on their saltwater boat trailers because they are ideal for the saltwater environment.

General Care Tips for Your Trailer After a Saltwater Haul

Whenever you’re done loading a boat in or out of saltwater, or finishing up any job in which your trailer came into contact with saltwater, give your boat a thorough hose down. This removes saltwater as well as marine life, both of which can be damaging to your trailer. Even if you have the perfect gear for salt water work, this can preserve the life of your trailer. Most marinas will have a hose for this purpose, but if you don’t want to wait, you can always hose your trailer down the first thing when you get home. 

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet with More Saltwater Hauling Questions

When it comes to trailers, we have seen it all. Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we love helping people put together the perfect rig for any kind of haul and any kind of conditions, including saltwater. For questions about trailers, parts, and care when working around or in saltwater, call or write to us any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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