Fenders Your Trailer Needs this Summer

Fenders Your Trailer Needs this Summer

Ever noticed that you have a project, but sometimes it just feels incomplete? If that project is your trailer, we are here to help. One little detail that sometimes gets neglected is proper trailer fenders. Especially with summer on the way, you want to give your trailer the fenders it needs. The ground is muddy in spring, softer in fall, and covered in snow in winter, but under the summer sun, the gravel and debris on the road flies. Your fenders don’t just add a beautiful finishing touch to your trailer, they protect your tires. So let’s explore texture and styles that might be perfect for your needs. Remember, we don’t just offer individual fenders, but full installation kits. If you’re building or repairing a trailer, we’ve got what you need. Let’s talk!

Fenders for Summer - Double Broke Trailer Fender 

Protect tires from gravel not packed down under spring mud, or winter snow with a good fender this summer. Try this Steel Tread Plate Double Broke Trailer Fender. You’ll find that when you’re hopping into the trailer bed, the diamond tread plate makes it easy for you to maneuver. Grip and safety is important! Get this durable, high quality fender for your repair or build project. 

Building a Trailer this Summer? Get a Full Fender Kit

Your free time is already spread thin! By the time you get to the weekend, you can mow the lawn, work on your trailer, clean the roof, do the dishes, it’s absurd to think you’re going to waste time gathering all the parts you need to repair or replace your trailer fenders. Same story if you are building your trailer from the ground up. Find the exact trailer fender kit you need with help from The Trailer Parts Outlet. 

Get Tandem Axle Trailer Fenders from The Trailer Parts Outlet this Summer

No matter what style of axles your trailer has, you can find the perfect fender for you with our help. Get tandem axle trailer fenders here. We pride ourselves on offering any fitment, texture or style fender. Don’t leave your axles unprotected for another trip! We’re here to help you do better for your tires, your trailer, and your cargo.

Is the Fender You Need Out of Stock? Get in Touch with Us

We pride ourselves on being able to get the job done. If you need a fender and you don’t see it from us, get in touch with us. You would be surprised at how quickly we can accommodate you! We are experts at trailers, and as a Texas-based company, we love being hospitable. So get in touch with us soon! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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