Everything You Need to Service Your Trailer’s Axles

Everything You Need to Service Your Trailer’s Axles

Servicing your axles does not need to be a complicated process. You can eliminate hours of searching for the right parts by getting an all-in-one kit that will give you everything you need. Whether you have…

  • A single axle trailer

  • Tandem axle trailer

  • Idler or brake application

  • Or a trailer ranging from 3500 lbs to 15,000 lbs

You can get a complete kit that will let you service your axle quickly and efficiently.

So what do these axle kits come with? Let’s find out!

Axle Service Kit for 3500 lb Trailer

When you get a complete axler service kit, you get parts that are hand picked by people who know what they are doing. These kits come with OEM grade replacements that let you service your axle to the highest standards. 
This kit gives you…
  • 3.5k Hub and Drum (1,750lb Capacity Per Hub)
  • (1) 10"x2.25" Electric Brake Assembly (Left Hand)
  • (1) 10"x2.25" Electric Brake Assembly (Right Hand)
  • (1) Tube of High Temp Axle Grease (Grease brand may vary)
  • (10) Coned Wheel Nuts
  • (2) Spindle Nut
  • (2) Spindle Nut Retainer
  • (2) DWasher
  • (2) Castle Nut

Axle Service Kits for Trailers of Any Capacity | Service Kits for 3.5k to 15k Axles

The list of parts and supplies above is just an example of one kit. No matter what capacity trailer you have, you can find the axle service kit you need at The Trailer Parts Outlet. We offer axle service kits for 2k, 5.2k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k, 10k, 12k and 15k capacity trailers. Not sure if we have what you’re looking for? Reach out to us and let’s find out together! 

When Should I Service My Trailer’s Axles? | Regular Axle Maintenance Schedule

You should inspect your trailer’s axles about once per month and conduct basic lubrication. Do fuller maintenance work on a six month and annual schedule. If you have unmaintained axles, you risk serious damage to your trailer. You have to be particularly careful if you use your trailer to launch boats. When you back your trailer into the water, growth, corrosion and debris can harm the axles. Axles that are in poor condition can lose wheels mid-journey, which is extremely dangerous to you, motorists behind you, and your cargo. You want to stay ahead of any potential accidents by maintaining your axles often and according to your trailer manufacturer’s recommendations.  Keep your axles in good working order and tip top condition with these service kits. 

Why Use an Axle Service Kit? | The Benefits of an Axle Service Kit

Your time is valuable and needing to service your axle is inevitable! We don’t want you to be stuck browsing and hunting all the right parts for servicing your trailer. We don’t want you to get bogged down in endless research and returning items when you can’t wait to get your hands dirty and start working. When you get one of these kits, you save yourself headaches, time and aggravation. Set yourself up so you can get to work!
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