Different Type of Trailer Suspensions

Different Type of Trailer Suspensions

When your trailer is riding a little bit too bumpy, it could be because you have a problem with the suspension. When you’re repairing or replacing your suspension, you have to start by identifying the type of suspension system in your trailer. This is also the first step in learning how to take care of your trailer’s suspension system. Let’s take a look at the different suspension options, and how each one works. 

Do I Need A Trailer Suspension?

The short answer is ‘yes!’ Without a trailer suspension system, you will have a bumpy, bouncy trailer behind you. This can cause you to damage your cargo or lose it all together, which is dangerous for you and motorists behind you. It can also cause your trailer to become disconnected from your vehicle all together, which is a major hazard. Proper, adequate suspension systems in good working order are crucial to the safety and lifespan of your trailer.


Double Eye Spring Suspension

A double eye spring suspension is a type of trailer suspension constructed with two bolt holes, or eyes, one on each end of the spring. The spring is connected to front and rear hangers, which are the attachment points for the trailer. The spring is connected in the center by an equalizer and shackle straps.


Slipper Springs

A slipper spring has a bolt hole on the front of the spring and an arched open end on the back end, which lets the spring slip on the equalizer or rear hanger.

Torsion Spring Suspension

Torsion springs absorb tension using a metal piece that is capable of twisting. While a spring compresses to absorb shocks, a torsion bar twists. These act as effective stabilizing devices in your trailer’s suspension.

How Often Should I Replace My Trailer’s Suspension System? 

Trailer suspension systems are prone to wearing out. After all, they have a big job to do. You could almost think of them as the joints to your trailer. Regardless of the type of suspension system you have, it’s reasonable to expect to replace your trailer system at least annually. However, things like how much weight you load up on your trailer, how often you use it, and where you use it will play a factor too. Expect to need more maintenance and replacement if you’re on pothole covered roads or backing boats into salt water.


Where Can I Get Replacement Suspension Systems for My Trailer?

The Trailer Parts Outlet offers you everything you need to care for your trailer’s suspension system. Don’t bother with scouring the depths of the internet or endless hardware stores for matching parts. You’ll just wind up returning things you don’t need and getting frustrated when you can’t find something. Get bundled kits with everything you need no matter what type of trailer you haul. Bundled trailer suspension kits save you time and effort. Contact our friendly agents if you have any questions about trailer suspension kits, bundles, or other parts. We look forward to hearing from you.
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