Common Maintenance Parts for Trailers

Common Maintenance Parts for Trailers

Taking good care of your trailer means regular repair, maintenance, and replacement of certain parts when necessary. Common maintenance parts, as well as complete kits for your trailers are available at The Trailer Parts Outlet. You want your trailer to run as smoothly as possible for the safety of yourself, your fellow motorists, and even the gear you’re towing.

Let’s look at...

  • Suspension kits
  • Bearing kits
  • And why full kits are helpful

Let’s get started!

Get Suspension Kits with Everything You Need to Service Your Trailer’s Suspension

Your trailer’s suspension gets worn out after handling the rough-and-tumble bumps and potholes of many rides. You need to protect your equipment by keeping your suspension in peak condition. You can add a hanger kit to your suspension too. Service your trailer’s suspension with these kits from The Trailer Parts Outlet. These kits come with…


  • (2) 4 Leaf  25 1/4" x 2" Trailer Double Eye Spring for 3500 lb Axles
  • (4) 5-1/2" Long U-bolts
  • (2) U-bolt Tie Plates for 1-3/4" Spring
  • (8) 1/2"-20 Hex Nuts
  • L=5 1/2" A=2 3/8" D=1/2"

No matter what type of trailer size you have, you can find the suspension kit you need. We offer suspension kits for trailers of any capacity. 

Get Bearing Kits with Everything you Need to Service Your Trailer’s Bearings

Bearings are key components in your trailer. These pieces help the wheels on your trailer spin smoothly by reducing friction on the axle. However, because bearings do so much work, you’ve got to replace them regularly. Bearings on your trailer should be replaced approximately every ten thousand miles. That’s the best way to preserve the condition and lifespan of your axles, and for that matter, your trailer as a whole. You can replace all the bearings in your trailer at once thanks to these convenient bearing kits.

Here’s an example of what a typical bearing kit includes:

  • Inner Bearing-25580 1.750 I.D
  • Outer Bearing-02475 1.250 I.D
  • Inner Race-25520 3.265 O.D
  • Outer Race-02420 2.688 O.D
  • Double Lip Grease Seal- 010-010-00 3.376 O.D 2.125 I.D
  • Hub Cap (Drive In, with Rubber Plug, 2.72")

All you have to do is find the bearing kit that is geared to the size trailer you tow. These kits will help keep your trailer running at its best.

The Benefits of Trailer Service Kits - Consistency and Convenience

Whether you need suspension kits or bearings, you can find everything you need all in one place with help from The Trailer Parts Outlet. Regular trailer maintenance is just part of the safe and responsible upkeep of your equipment. Don’t bother with gathering pieces and parts from all over the place. No need to worry about returns and reviews and all of the other inconveniences that can come with trailer maintenance. You can find the right kit for you regardless of what capacity trailer you’re towing. Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet if you have any questions about these kits or any others.

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