A Step-by-Step Guide to Testing Breakaway System

A Step-by-Step Guide to Testing Breakaway System

Testing your trailer’s breakaway system is an important part of maintenance. But you might not know how to test it yet! After all, it’s only supposed to bring your trailer to a stop if your tow vehicle becomes disconnected mid-ride. 

Make sure you’re doing this entire process in a safe area where you have enough space for the work. It’s advisable to read the directions start to finish at least once before you begin! Don’t worry, they are short. 

Here’s how you can know you’re prepared for a worst-case scenario. 

Remember, if you discover you need to do a system, you can get a complete breakaway system kit from us! Just get in touch if you need to do so.

Step 1: Disconnect Tow Vehicle

Start by unplugging the trailer connector from the tow vehicle. You’re going to need to check your breakaway system’s battery. This battery should be fully charged and ready for action.

Step 2: Pull Pin from Breakaway Switch

Get ready to work those muscles. Pulling the pin from your breakaway switch will take about 40 pounds of pressure. Don’t expect it to pop out right away! Brace yourself, and watch your back when you pull. 

Step 3: Try Pulling the Trailer with Your Tow Vehicle

Try to pull the trailer using your tow vehicle. The trailers will rotate slightly to apply the brakes. The brakes should be adjusted to a point where the trailer can’t roll freely. Get your brakes serviced if the trailer does roll freely. After the servicing, do this process again. 

Step 4: Put the Pin Back in the Breakaway

You’ve to make sure to replace the pin back in the breakaway system. Give everything a quick security check and test before you wrap up this maintenance project.

Contact The Trailer Parts Outlet if You Have Any Questions

We know that while this guide may be short and simple, breakaway systems are so important that you definitely want to get this test right. If you have any questions, the friendly experts at The Trailer Parts Outlet are only a call or contact form away! 

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