A Guide to DeeMaxx | The Trailer Parts Outlet

A Guide to DeeMaxx | The Trailer Parts Outlet

Here at The Trailer Parts Outlet, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best of the best. We’re proud to offer DeeMaxx because they deliver on durability and reliability at the highest levels. 

We want to talk for a little bit about what makes DeeMaxx special and why we’re confident you’ll come to know and use this brand. 

What Makes DeeMaxx Special?

DeeMaxx components are the only brake manufacturer to pass the SAE J2681 Brake Test and pass it “satisfactorily”. The SAE J2681 Brake Test is one of the strictest and most challenging there is. For DeeMaxx to score as it did on this test sets the brand in a high league of auto part manufacturers. For another indication of their reliability and quality, look no farther than their minimal warranty issues, which are about 0.1 percent for all of their major components. They build durability and strength into every little thing they do.

What Makes DeeMaxx's Parts Special?

They have certain trademark pieces that are worth noting. 

DeeMaxx has a trademark integrated caliper mount-bolt/sleeve decision to ensure easy installation and to make sure they are held in place in the caliper. DeeMaxx’s silicone boot allows for better performance at extreme temperatures compared to other companies.

Their designs have a number of x-factors that make them special. For example, their rotors are designed to run cooler. It has improved coating consistency, and the water is able to drain without collecting in the hat portion. Its diameter is 15% larger. Also, you get more brake torque out of a DeeMaxx. That’s important for safety because you can stop at a shorter distance. That could make an enormous difference in outcome if you’re in a tight pinch. 

Let’s run through a few quick other merits:

  • No warping for the rotors
  • Superior bleeding on the calipers
  • Special laser writing on all calipers
  • Compatibility with every surge, hydraulic/electric

The other great thing to know is that DeeMaxx constantly works to improve the performance of their products over time. They refine and master the craft of making their parts over time with careful research and attention to detail. A major driving force in this effort is the company’s commitment to the safety of their own customers. Taking care of our people is our top priority here at The Trailer Parts Outlet. We love to team up with companies that feel the same way.

Hey, we love and relate to small businesses. It’s amazing how personal they can be with their customers. When we see a brand treating customers like family, we are all about it. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about which parts you need or where to find them!

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