A Guide to Choosing the Right Utility Trailer

A Guide to Choosing the Right Utility Trailer

With all the many possible utility trailers you could choose, how in the world are you supposed to pick? On top of the trailers out there, you have so many possible build kits you could choose from. We’re here to help you simplify and decide. 

It starts with picking the right kit. That’s the first step towards building that perfect utility trailer for you. After all, so many trailer haulers haul for different reasons. Whether you’re towing for business or pleasure, you can customize a kit to be the perfect utility trailer for you.

Understand Your Own Needs

What’s your trailer for? Are you hauling lumber? Are you bringing your ATV to your favorite trail? Are you bringing your vintage motorcycle to your show? You might even be delivering furniture to various locations, or hauling landscaping equipment to jobsites. 

Regardless of which example you related to, your decision start with finding the weight of the trailer you need. 

Choose a kit with the following in mind: 

The width and length you need (measure the biggest item you tow, and add wiggle room)

The load capacity you need (do the same thing with weights)

Bed height (for getting things in and out)

Do you need sides or a top? (Consider the elements)

Will you need loading ramps or a tailgate? (Does your haul roll on wheels or get lifted by a bulldozer?)

How Powerful Is Your Tow Vehicle?

This question is so important. Only plan within the confines of what your tow vehicle can haul. In this phase of the process, you might discover you need to scale down, or consider a different tow vehicle. Check what your intended tow vehicle is rated for when it comes to tow capacity. Are you driving a truck or mini-van? What’s your fuel budget like? Is it a personal expense or business write-off? Consider these details before a big commitment. 

Storing Your Utility Trailer

Obviously, there’s no point in buying or building something you can’t store. Are you dealing with an empty half of a garage, or just a little concrete pad? Measure your intended storage space and plan accordingly. Don’t go to the max. Go with what will fit through the door! (If there is a door.) 

Ask the Trailer Parts Outlet Any Questions

At The Trailer Parts Outlet, we carry a wide range of trailer kits perfect for all your needs. Our utility trailer kits offer axles in a wide range of options and sizes. Tell us about your situation! We love to hear from you.

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